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Tim Becker
Project Manager

About Anthem Websites

Building a website is an opportunity for you to express your vision. You've built something, created something, or had an idea that needs to be seen by the world. You need someone who can get to the heart of your vision and weave the right images, words, and functionality into a website that reflects who you are and what you do.

I got my start designing websites in 2000. I was working at a local music store and realized that musicians were looking to build websites to showcase their work, but the options available at the time were few. Building websites for bands led to referrals to small businesses. What started as a side job eventually grew into a full time occupation. Today, Anthem Websites serves over 100 active clients, including musicians, small businesses, and a variety of other organizations.

If you are ready to get started with building or revitalizing your web presence, and you value working with a designer/developer one-on-one, please give me a call or email. I’ll work with you to plan out a site that looks great and does exactly what you need. Even after the site is built, I’ll be around to help maintain and upgrade your site as time goes on and your needs change.

Phone: (518) 248-4134